A generous sower has made a matching gift to Seedbed, so every dollar you sow will be doubled up to $200,000!

The Sow Must Go On!

If you’ve been with Seedbed for any amount of time, you’ve been on the receiving end of someone else’s generosity. . . or as we like to call it, sowing. As we come to the end of such an uncertain year, one thing is clear to us. Sowing for a Great Awakening is a team sport. Your partnership with us and the Holy Spirit makes all the difference. It’s because of you that the sow goes on. For the Awakening!

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Join hands with us each month and become a monthly sower.

The fun and exciting and generous moments here at Seedbed (big Birthday sales, scholarships, free Night with New Room, or free digital resources during COVID) are only made possible thanks to fellow members of the Tribe stepping in and sowing alongside us.

As we look into 2021, our hope is to continue to provide resources and opportunities for you and your congregations at the most affordable price possible. That’s where you come in. Please consider joining us and becoming a monthly sower!

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Thank you for sowing with us!